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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Gift Planning

Why We Give

Donor Advised Funds 101: Why They Matter and How They Work

Kid in mask

Donor advised funds are growing in popularity and offer you a flexible way to support your favorite organizations. Learn why some Wildcats recommend DAFs as a way to give to Westminster. More

“Use Your Own Voice”: Why an Estate Plan Is Important at Any Age

Mary Lowell Downing Petitt

See how one young supporter is giving back to Westminster to help future students create the same kinds of formative experiences she did. More

Planning Ahead With Retirement Accounts

See why more of our supporters, like Caroline Wilson Spangenburg '69 and Alan Simons '69, are choosing to benefit students through an IRA charitable rollover gift. More

Support Your Passions and Secure Your Future

Rolader family

The Rolader family has a passion for their family farm and Westminster. Their gift allows them to support both. More

Wildcats for Life

Ann Lawton Pearce and Fay Pearce

Ann Lawton Pearce '60 and Fay Pearce '56 were always dedicated to Westminster. Through Ann's 50th reunion they learned they could make a commitment they never thought was possible. More

Reinventing the Supermarket

Hays and Anna Mershon

“Being in the Cornerstone Society is an investment in the future and in children that will go out into the world and change it for the better—if Westminster can give them the opportunity that it gave me, then that is a good thing,” John Lert '64 says. More

Broadening the Minds of Future Wildcats Through Global Engagement

Hays and Anna Mershon

Doors open for future Wildcats with a passion for French language and culture thanks to Anna Jorgensen Mershon ’65, and her husband, Hays. More

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Through Authentic Relationships

Billy Levine

Billy Levine '88 appreciates Westminster's dedication to academics and building a community, which are part of the reason he included us in his estate plan. More

The Community that Millie Built

Millie Pryles

Each classroom is a community of teachers and students, each with its own distinct personality. For more than three decades, Mille Pryles’s classrooms reflected her enthusiasm for teaching and devotion to her students. More

Diving Into the Westminster Experience

Stevie Vines

Following a field trip to Westminster, Stevie Vines '09 dreamed of attending the School. Thanks to generous community members, his dream became a reality. More

One Family's Gift Honors Lifelong Connections to Westminster

Martha and Ken Carroll

When my husband, Ken, and I decided to update our wills, we reflected on the organizations that meant the most to our family. Immediately, our church and our school, Westminster, came to the top of our list. More


Please visit the Cornerstone Society page to learn more and view a list of our celebrated members.

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